Hi my dear readers,

I am sure some of you may have realized that the site has not been updating at it’s usual rate with other posts and stuff the reason is that I am actually going on hiatus soon. Army is part of what every Singaporean guy has to go through and that part of my life is coming. That said the site won’t be updated for at least 2 years and I have decided to just stop with the site and enjoy the rest of my holidays I have till I start army.

So what’s in for the site? I will continue to update posts that are already done like the Lancea skill descriptions or other future content that are now released on the Duowan site. But posts like today’s patch notes for DNSEA I will no longer post and guides will no longer be posted. The site will officially stop updating after the 1st of August. After that I will update only when I feel there is really a need to. Should the site function again after the 2 years most probably I would already be playing with DN 2 or another game so it really depends if I will be back.

It has been a wonderful journey nonetheless from a small site to actually having something as a website that I am proud to call my own and to help so many players along the way. ūüôā

To my authors, thank you for helping out along the way for some of the guides and translations. Thank you so much.

Happy DN-ing and never stop grinding! ūüôā



2014 in review

Thank you for still viewing the blog even though it is not updated anymore. I still hope to come back soon! ūüôā

Have a Happy New Year!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 1,900,000 times in 2014. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 82 days for that many people to see it.

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[Full Skill Names] Asta/Lencea: Piercer

This is a new updated version of the skill description. Some has been removed like Flow Maker and Flip Dive. Some of the self buffs are now switched to party buffs and they are pretty OP.

Piercer skill table is similar to the Swordmaster, Bowmaster and paladins with half the skills being magical based and half physical based. Some skills also use the Phantom/Bubble counter like the Alchemists to activate. It is said that most skills are recycled from the old classes. But what’s new all the new classes have some of the animations we see in the old classes. xD

Looking at the skill names she seems to have loads of flipping and swinging skills. I can’t even imagine what does a spear has to do with it. The skill names can also be conflicting but just bear with it all this are just raw data and could be changed anytime they like.

Active skills means they are active like the blue colored ones in the skill table. A passive skill will be the usual orange ones.


Half Cutting (Physical) [Active]

Flash Lift (Physical) [Active]

Probe  (Physical) [Passive]
Can only be used on stunned or downed targets.

Push Kick  (Physical) [Active]

Deep Pierce (Magical) [Active]

Butt?! (Physical) [Passive]
This translation was from the client but I think it will be changed.

Cross Cutter [Active]
Should be the Lancer version of Aerial Evasion.

Counter Spin (Physical) [Passive]

Put Kick (Physical) [Passive]
Can only be used on stunned or downed targets.

Wheel Blade (Magical) [Active]

Flee [Passive]
Tumble skill for Lancer

Swoop (Physical) [Passive]
Can attack from the air by pressing the right attack button.

Hornets Touch (Physical) [Active]
An evasion skill. Similar to Evasion Slash or Squall Flaker, can be cast and enter into another position similar to Chaser’s Izuna Drop meditation mode.

Harmonize (Buff) [Active]
The only buff for party members and self.

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[Updated for June Costumes] Monthly Cash Costumes

Costumes are one of the reason why non CC spenders would actually want to spend money on. It’s costumes that makes people wan to buy because at times they are just too beautiful to be seen on your character. Its been awhile since I wanted to actually keep a track on what costumes are released so I would know which costume to wait for and not contemplate on the existing costume in the Cash Shopand my friend had actually asked me to make a history of the updates of all the costumes that have been released in CDN and KDN. If possible I would also find the stats of the costumes that are released with it.

The timeline of the costumes would be when it was released in CDN as some servers may have released it even earlier then them. If it is labelled under KDN beside the costume it would mean I can’t find CDN’s release date for this costume. Some of the theme weren’t posted with the article itself so I would just randomly give them the theme name. :/

So enjoy~!

More after the break as it would a long post

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Screamer Balance


Yes. Many players are really pissed with what Eyedentity has done with the Screamer Revamp by pushing them all the way back but seems like Eyedentity could actually change its mind about the revamp.

A full notice was release to explain why the revamp was delayed. Though the reasons are really crapped though. This post is credits to Halfsugar and I am going to translate everything that was said in the Duowan post and add some of my inputs.

As usual Halfsugar comments are in red and mine in blue.


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KDN Job Balancing Timeline


KDN just release their timeline of balancing certain classes. Translations done by Halfsugar.

Although they have posted this but like in the previous months I believe they will still change it as and when they like. I am really disappointed with Eyedentity.

Halfsugar’s comments are in blue. Mine in red.


Her first branch will be released. Piercer as the first advancement and Flory and Sting Breezer will be released.
More of Lancea here.

Artillery Balancing 
She was designed to be one of a top tier DPS class but due to the release of new classes her spot has been compromised. Being a Bowmaster they are supposed to be fighting from afar. But due to the Artillery’s casting of skill problem she has to fight near her targets. The only skill that does a far range attack is Tracking Arrows but even that distance has a limit and it is not very useful.

Direction of balance:
Will bring her DPS abilities back to the first tier.
Skill tree won’t have such a big movement like Engineers.
They will make changes to the way she casts skills making it an even more interesting way to battle and be a better DPS class.

Wait…arti’s skill problem…is there any?!
Her DPS and movement is already not bad…
Just increasing her board damage…like 8000% Swift Shot those kind.¬†

Eyedentity’s understanding of how Artilleries are discriminated now makes Halfsugar very uneasy.¬†

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25/6/2014 KDN Patch Notesl


KDN has once again updated it’s client but the Screamer revamp has been pushed back once more like how long has it been? Since May they have said about it but time after time they just push it back due to stupid reasons, this is why more players hate Eyedentity. Stop giving us a date when you can’t stick to it. But back to the topic at least they are trying to solve the PvP problems that have cropped up in the 80 cap. With the new EX and all the skills at the maximum potential of level 11 and 16, PvP has come to a point where players can get wiped out in seconds due to the imbalance of the damage given.

The PvP balancing is also like the debuff and buff balancing, this is only just the first round. There will be one more update I guess in the first or second week of July, for the Screamer revamp and the buff and debuff balancing.

Moving on there are two parts to this update, first are the fixes for the bugged EX and the balancing to the skills in PvP, loads of level 45/50 skills are nerfed.

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