Level 60 Shooting Star Guide [T4] PvP/PvE Guide

***This build would only be for pure PvE or PvP as having a hybrid build at level 60 cap is really hard to make and you can’t bring out the full potential of Shooting Star. The dual talent coupon has to be used if you want to have the best of both worlds.

Shooting Star specializes in her Alfredo skills and normal attacks unlike Gearmaster which leans towards the towers and ducks. There are actually two kinds of way you can build a Shooting Star you can let here specialize in both Alfredo and duck skills but it can actually be quite a hassle as you have to always look at where your ducks and Alfredo is. So you can either go purely Alfredo build or ducks and Alfredo build. That would be included at the end of the post.

Her weapon of choice is the cannon only as the weapon would increase her physical attack.


  • She a DPS class which would give her to deal more damage over times as her skills are always giving a lot of hits.
  • The Wax skill would give her advantage in parties as she can boost the speed of all the classes.
  • Alfredo’s Damage Transition buff would help in raids and PvP.


  • Only have one tumble skill so use it wisely.
  • Towers have a slight delay and don’t attack immediately.
  • Always reliant on your towers and Alfredo.

The skill build is just here to guide you and can be changed to your preference. This skill build is purely built to my way of playing. I would be noting at the skill descriptions to show which skills could be changed if you would not want to add the skills. So enjoy!

The build would be written and explained in the context of a pure PvE build (Alfredo, Ducks and Towers) and at the end I would include the pure PvP, PvE builds.

Academic Skills

Quick_Shoot   Quick Shot – Level 1. Fires 3 attacks to the front. It takes either physical or magical damage depends on which weapon you are wielding.

Napalm   Napalm Bomb – Level 1. It is like a mini Fire Wall skill where as in your bomb lands and rolls out flames 3m forward.

Stun_Grenade   Stun Grenade – Level 1. In PvE it may not be easy to stun the enemies because at level 1 the stun rate is not that high. So if you find it not useful you can remove this 3 SP and allocate it into Force Out.

Air_Shot   Air Shot – Level 1. Not needed to level even higher. The skill allows you push enemies back on the second hit.

Wax   Wax – Level 6. This skill is very useful regardless of PvP or PvE. Mini bosses like the butterfly boss in MCSB can slip and fall on her face. The skill cool down reduces as the skill gets higher. But please note that in PvP the wax cool down is capped at 30s. So leveling it higher would be to increase the chance of falling.

Force_Out   Force Out – Not really needed unless you really need something to push enemies back. If you really need this skill you can reduce the level of Bubble Bubble to get this skill. It can help give you some breather if things gets too rough in the dungeons.

Bubble_Bubble   Bubble Bubble – Level 6. This skill is useful it traps enemies inside the bubble and restricts their movement. If you aim it at allies it will give them a barrier that would absorb damage for that duration. I leveled this high to give it the longest duration for the restriction of movement.

Summon_Alfredo   Alfredo – Level 3. Alfredo is one of your main offensive defense regardless of PvP or PvE and leveling it higher would give him more HP.

*Note: Alfredo has been greatly nerfed in PvP now so he is more easily killed but he still can harass people.

Recall_Alfredo   Alfredo Recall – Level 1. As the skill says it can only recall Alfredo and it’s free so why not get it.

Automate   Auto Dispenser – The free skill for Academic, the skill make a dispenser and it will dispense 6 random potions/buffs in the duration of 30 seconds.

Tumble   Dodge – Level 5. Needed to max and you have to take note that this is the only skill you can dodge as you have no emergency escapes like Archer, Sorceress and Kali.

Pin_Wheel   Circle Bomb – Level 1. Obviously needed for every class as it allows you to get you quickly. You are invincible during the waking process.

Aerial_Evasion   Aerial Evasion – Level 4. Needed to max for the shorter cool down time.

Side_Kick   Spanner Smashing – Level 1. Left at pre-requisite. Allows you to produce a big spanner to take a swing at enemies. Skill has no cool down so you can keep swinging it. :/

Low_Spin_Kick   Magnifying Glass – Level 1. Left at pre-requisite. When enemy is knocked down you can produce a big magnifying glass and burn him/her/it.

Moon_Kick   Air Bomb – Level 0. Depends if you would wanna have this skill as it can give you extra air time.

Somersault_Kick   Million Ton Hammer – Not a really good skill to have as you need the opponent to be stunned before you can use this passive.

Health_Bolster   Health Mastery – Level 5. Maxed to get the bonus HP.

Mental_Fortitude   Mental Mastery – Level 3. The extra MP would really help.

Attuned_Mind   Mental Recovery – Level 4. Maxed to recover as much MP as you can get.

Shooting Star Skills

Pingpong_Bomb   Ping Pong Bomb – Level 16. This skill depends on the amount of rebounds it takes to damage you. As you have ducks, Alfredo and towers to help you the damage calculation is counted in 8 rebounds. But if the skill only bounced 3 times and has no where to go the last target would take the remaining 5 rebounds with a damage increase of 16%. This skill can be bouncing into anything*.

*For e.g. Force Mirror, Relics, Soul Gate, Ducks, Towers, Alfredo. [Not really sure if Cheating Point can be bounced to.]

Mine_Thrower   Mine Thrower – Level 13. With the skill at a higher level and the EX would greatly improve the damage that is dealt on the enemies. When opponents are hit by the skill it would cause a flinch/stagger status.

Chemical_Missile   Biochemical Missile – Level 6. It has a good debuff is the skill lands on enemies as it reduces all your resistance. The skill has a wide AoE so even if you are still near the yellow target you can also get hit by hit. Opponents hit by this skill would usually waste an Aerial Evasion to get back up. Though it has a long cool down but the wait is worth it. 🙂

Alfredo_Stomp   Alfredo Stomp – Level 6. The skill can stagger enemies and also taunt mobs towards you in dungeons. The EX version would let it deal extra damage but the only thing you have to note is that Alfredo has to be near your enemies so you can use it.

Alfredo_Berserk   Alfredo Berserker – Level 1. Increases Alfredo stats. Leave at level 1.

Damage_Transition   Damage Transition – Level 4. One of the good skills of Engineers as this skill would allow you to absorb damage up to 55% and if you have a skill ring for it 60% at the level 60 cap. That’s quite a lot of damage absorbed if you are in Nests or PvP-ing.

Alfredo_Whirlwind   Alfredo Hurricane – Level 6. This is one skill that can irritate me in PvP, it’s always a need to run away from this skill and its prtty easy to evade for other classes. So if you find this skill not so useful you can allocate the other 6 SP into other skills like your towers or duck. As this is a passive skill, there are rumors if you recall him to the spot it would be easier for him to start this skill.

Demolition   Demolition – Level 2. Shooting Star’s Ultimate. It makes you like mini turret allowing you to turn 360 while launching bullets at opponents. The skill may sometimes be unreliable as the opponent can run about and you have to keep turning to hit and stagger your opponents. The skill would make you stay there for 7.5 seconds. 

Gearmaster Skills

Mecha_Duck   Mechaduck – Level 6. Those little ducks that loves to harass opponents though Mechaducks are not your main skill as a Shooting Star but they are great to harass people.

Mecha_Shock   Mecha Shock – Level 6. At level 6 the shock duration is increased from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.

Mecha_Siren   Mecha Siren – Level 1. This skill is mainly for silencing and removing buffs on your enemies. Level 6 would allow it to remove 2 buffs but the main thing is to allow the duck to silence your enemies.

Mecha_Bomber   Mecha Bomber – Not needed. There isn’t enough Sp to allocate for this skill. IMO it’s not really useful for Shooting Star as you should rely more on your Alfredo then the ducks. In PvE it can deal quite a load of damage but for PvP which they are slow while walking towards the enemy.

Gatling_Tower   Gatling Tower – Level 1. It has a high DPS rate and can hit easily if you manage to slow your opponents down or trap them.

Cannon_Tower   Cannon Tower – Level 1. It has super armor breaking capabilities but don’t need to be leveled higher.

Ice_Pump_Tower   Ice Pump Tower – Level 7. The higher the level of this skill the longer the duration the enemy is slowed down. It is usually a good skill if you try to stop your enemy from moving as when the Ice Pump Tower shoots out that stream of ice it is easy to dodge it in PvP but in PvE it won’t be much of an issue but it’s good to get for the damage as it can do certain amount of hits.

Sky_Line   Skyline – Not needed as Engineers can just rely on one ultimate. This ultimate is different from the Demolition ultimate as you can turn around if it misses your opponent. But for Skyline the point where it is launched is fixed and if you miss it can just be evaded by opponents in PvP. 

Passives and Escape Skills

Rocket_Jump   Rocket Jump – Level 1. It is a great utility skill in terms of PvE and PvP as it can flinch your enemies while jumping back.

Fake_Bomb   Fake Bomb – I never took the skill as this skill is more for a PvP based build.

Gravity_Grenade   Gravity Grenade – Level 1. Gravity Grenade is good as it would make your enemies locked in that spot for awhile. It can break super armor after a few hits.

Flash_Grenade   Flash Grenade – Also another PvP based skill but in PvE this skill can have a 100% stun rate so if you really need this skill then you can allocate 3 SP into the skill.

Shooting Star Skills

Splash   Splash – Level 6. You can either leave this skill at level 4 and allocate the other 2 SP into the second job skills as this skill would need to hit correctly on your opponents. So every hit would count and deal significant damage if you utilize it well.

Alfredo_Overdrive   Alfredo Overdrive – Level 4. Note that this is a passive skill and can be unreliable at times. Like the Alfredo Hurricane skill, recalling your Alfredo would give him a better chance in activating this skill. The lasers can flinch opponents in PvP and deal significant damage on mobs in PvE.

Ping Pong Bomb EX – Level 1. With the EX version of this skill would make it even more painful as a low level skill. The jumps have been increased to 10 times and the remaining bounces would add an additional 5% damage. Making it a total of 21% extra damage with each remaining bounce. The damage is an extra 30%.

Alfredo Stomp EX – Level 1. Increased damage and the AoE is significantly increased. Adds the additional shockwave like Barbarian’s Stomp EX.

Mine Thrower EX. Level 1. Increased AoE and the damage is increased by 30%.

Here is my skill builds for Pure PvP and PvE. Enjoy.

Happy Gaming~!

Pure PvE Skill Build (Alfredo, Ducks and Towers)

Shooting Star Level 60 Skill Build 1Shooting Star Level 60 Skill Build 2 Shooting Star Level 60 Skill Build 3 

Pure PvE Skill Build (Alfredo and Towers)

Changes made:

  • Alfredo skill levels are significantly maxed.
  • Ducks are all removed.
  • Gatling Tower is increased to level 6 to deal more damage.
  • Splash is only leveled to level 4 as I have allocated 2 SP into Gatling Tower to get it to level 6.

 Shooting Star Level 60 Skill Build 1Shooting Star Pure Alfredo Build 2 

Shooting Star Pure Alfredo Build 3

Pure PvP Skill Build

Changes made:

  • Air Bomb is added so to give extra air time and the flinch effect.
  • Mental Mastery has been added to max as to help you in ladder matches and PvP.
  • Bubble Bubble is reduced to level 1 as in PvP its not really necessary to use the skill.
  • Flash Grenade is added for evasion purpose in PvP.
  • Mine Thrower has been reduced to level 11.
  • If 2 SP from the 3rd job is reduced and allocated into your second job you can add some more SP.
  • Ice Pump Tower can be maxed for even slower duration.

Shooting Star Level 60 Pure PvP Skill Build 1Shooting Star Level 60 Pure PvP Skill Build 2 Shooting Star Level 60 Pure PvP Skill Build 3 


2 Responses to Level 60 Shooting Star Guide [T4] PvP/PvE Guide

  1. WhatNot? says:

    Sorry to say but all skill builds are terrible. You don’t use Stun Grenade in Pvp just for stunning but also for damaging, Hurricane is terrible in Pve. Clearly, you don’t have enough knowledge with Academic>Engineer>Shooting Star skill’s capabilities.

    • A.Tempest says:

      Stun Grenade in my PvP build is only leveled to level 3 as I do not have enough SP. If you want it even higher then you can sacrifice SP from other skill points. I have already explained that Hurricane can be taken or not taken it’s up to you. But in my skill build I took it because I found it useful. So if you don’t want you can remove it.

      As I also mentioned at the start of my skill build you can just use this to guide you and tweak it yourself. I have never mentioned to follow it 100% as this skill build is what I have done to allow me to play smoothly. it’s still your choice to follow or not.

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