[Updated] 7th Playable Job for Dragon Nest: Assassin

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The newest promo for Assassin. 🙂

There has been much hype on the release of Assassin. I am still guessing for that month of July where he would be released. I would compile all the information on him and keep updating this page with his new information. Japan Dragon Nest was actually the server that had posted this trailer.


This should have been extracted from KDN’s client and we see the new log in page and the Character Creation screen has also added the Assassin.They have also costume implemented for him this update and I predict that the update will land on the 15/8/2013. Stay tuned for more.


The concept art that was leaked at maybe some conference.

jod adv

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As there are usually 4 advancement class in the end, the release of the characters like Kali should be the same. He is released with the Chaser job first where he advances into either a Raven or a Ripper as seen in the video above. Maybe like the Kali class, one would be physical based and another magical based. Both skills look insanely cool and flashy, I guess people would compare it to the Kali class as it seems like its another fast paced job.

It can be seen he is AGI based from the conversion table.

Main Stats Convertions
1 STR = 0.37 P.ATK
1 AGI = 0.38 P.ATK
1 INT = 0.375 M.ATK
All other stats convertions are the same as other classes

locked char

This other job advancement seems to be a weaker version of the Asssassin but its skills allows him to charge and transform with the energy. Seems cool.

In the videos it can also be seen that he is wielding the crook and scimitar, finally have a class that wields dual blades. (I can see loads of Kiritos popping up again. :/) From the skill list it can be seen that he may have some kind of stealth like skill that will enable him to sneak up onto enemies. That would be really cool.

Weapon: Scimitar, Crook, Chains, Shurikens (Chains and shurikens could be thrown from a far.)


Basically a close range damage dealing class.
However, he is also good in long range battle with chain and shuriken.
He has good attack and quick evasive skills.

Cool Time Charging Skill
Invisible Skill
Possesses nimble movement and unleashes attacks at good timing.

Skill Names:

Speedy Cut
Dirty Tricks
Piercing Star
Fan of Edge
Shadow Hand
Triple Edge
Shadow Active
Vanish Shadow
Scud Kick
Arc Collision
Fake Clock
Aerial Evasion

Chaser (Assassin job specialization)
Open Edge
Rain Drop
The End
Shift Blow
Mortal Blow
Blade Runner
Izuna Drop
Cripple Punisher
Receive Edge
Illusion Step
Access Chain
Mark of Crow
Mark of Werewolf

Raven (Chaser job specialization)
Crooking Deadfall
Open Edge EX
Applause EX
Rake EX
Punishment EX
Crow Ability (lv65 passive)

Ripper (Chaser job specialization)
Shift Blow EX
Mortal Blow EX
Camouflage EX
Izuna Drop EX
Werewolf Ability (lv65 passive)

assassin gf

This picture was teased by Eyedenity, seems like she is Assassin’s girlfriend in the story line.

assassin gf 2

She has been confirmed to be the main story line NPC for Assassin.

cat NPC

The talking cat NPC that takes care of the job advancement and Assassin’s stuff.

armor icons

This would be the armor for Assassin as seen in the video. This icons were dug up from the cDN client a few months back.

Other Info:
• Assassin is a male class with split personality, giving him the 2 job advancements.
• Level 80 cap is expected to be released in early 2014, with New (non-EX) skills
• Assassin has invisible skill and cool time charging skills. Cool time charging is a new mechanics in Assassin’s skill tree. He can prolong the cool down of certain skills and boost their damage, according to the cool down prolonged.

Happy Gaming!~

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