Dragon Nest SEA v104 Patch Notes

Hi guys, Since the server for DNSEA is still being patched I would like to explain some stuff about the new stuff coming out for us. The patch notes are directly copied from the forum itself and I would add on to the stuff I know about them. General: 1. New 8-man nest: Desert Dragon Nest

2. New Dungeons, for material ‘Pacultas’s Mutant III’:

  • Tel Rosa City
  • Arnute Canyon
  • Occupied Ancient Temple

Kazu has also made the video walk through for the three new dungeons. Hopefully we see the increase rate of suffix II powder.

3. Level 60 Epic Suffix III More after the break. 4. Costume Synthesis System There are 2 kinds one is a tablet that churns out random stats and appearance. Another tablet will churn out the stats and appearance you want. Obviously the latter would be more expensive. This are taken off DN NA’s page for the explanation. I am not sure how we are going to name it but this is roughly how it works.

Adventurers in Altera take pride in their appearance, and that means many of them have jumbo wardrobes packed full of exotic costumes. But what happens to the old, unworn costumes? Introducing the new Costume Synthesizer Tablet and Costume Hybrid Tablet! With these tablets, you can turn your old, unwanted costumes into something new. Break out the old clothes and get a whole new look! Costume Synthesizer Tablet:


Give your old costume parts new life with a random new look! Combine 2 costume parts to create 1 costume part with a random design and stats. The Costume Synthesizer Tablet can be purchased from the Cash Shop. It costs 1600CC for one.

1)      Costume Piece 1
2)      Costume Piece 2
3)      Randomly Generated Magic or Rare Costume

The newly-synthesized item will appear in the CC tab of your Inventory window.
*Only costumes of the same class as your character can be used.
*Only the same parts (ie. body armor with body armor) can be synthesized.
*Only permanent costume parts of Normal and/or Magic rarity can be synthesized.
*Event reward costumes cannot be synthesized. *Synthesized costumes can be used for synthesis again, except if the synthesized costume is of Rare rarity.

The costumes you can get from the synthesizer:
Posted Image

Posted Image


Costume Hybrid Tablet:

Now you can have the looks you want and the stats you need in one costume! Combine 2 costume parts to create a new costume part with the design of 1 and stats of the other.The costume Hybrid Tablet can only be obtained from the Altea Box within the Cash Shop.

1)      Costume piece with your favorite stats
2)      Costume piece with your favorite look
3)      New synthesized costume piece with the looks and stats you have chosen

The newly-synthesized item will appear in the CC tab of your Inventory window.

*Only costumes of the same class as your character can be used.
*Only the same parts (ie. body armor with body armor) can be hybridized.
*Only permanent costume parts can be hybridized.
*Magic costumes with 7-set effects cannot be hybridized.
*Seasonal costumes cannot be hybridized.
*Costumes that have been hybridized using the Costume Hybrid Tablet cannot be hybridized again.

5. New BGM for Saint Haven: Day of Destiny (Written & Composed by Erutan)

This could be the new song for Saint Haven and it’s damn good! 😀

This is the latest version of the Saint Haven in the 70 cap.

6. System Events:

Posted Image

Cash Shop

  • Limited Edition School Uniform Set, comes with 7pc Set Bonus Costume Skill “Irine’s Love Virus”
  • The costume main weapon also allows you to add a +1 to your respective skills like the Marine costume weapons.

Posted Image

What the skill does will be similar to the Physician’s Love Virus skill giving you invincibility for 5 seconds. Cooldown time: 60s (PvE) 120s (PvP) Physical Damage 250% (PvE) 150% (PvP) Magical Damage: 250% (PvE) 150% (PvP) Duration: 5 seconds

  • Costume Synthesis Device

[Update] General:

  • Desert Dragon Login Screen

  • HOT costume preview updated

Balancing (with effect from 13th August 2013):

  • (PVP/PVE) Stun Defence Power doubled
  • (PVP) Kali HP decrease by 20%
  • Gladiator and Moonlord class Physical Defence increase by 20% (Colosseum, Guild War)

Note that all this have already been effect since the last content patch but they left out without knowing that the changes have been made. Loads of people on the forums are complaining about it even me until I saw that it has already been in effect since 13/8/2013, the team just wanted to clarify the matter. 

Cash Shop:

  • Removal of Summer Bikini costumes
  • End of 2nd Anniversary Cash Shop Sales

Altea’s Gacha-Box Update:

  • Limited Edition Rare Grade Dark Gray School Bag Wing

Posted Image

  • Magical Design Synthesis Device

BTW DWC is finally fixed! So hooray! CDN has started the selection of representation for their server if I am not wrong so maybe October would be another big month too? With Halloween event, DWC selection and Memorial or expedition? 😀 Happy Gaming~! Credits: http://forum.cherrycredits.com/topic/203237-notice-wrath-of-desert-dragon-game-patch-03-sept/ http://dragonnest.nexon.net/news/news/00H2L


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