Desert Dragon Nest Guide

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We have come to another guide and this one is for the Desert Dragon Nest. I would talk about some of the things to look out for and what not to do or really do when you are in the nest. Though like the Freedom guild in CDN has compiled one of the best guide for the nest you can refer to theirs and look at mine later to get an even clearer picture. Some of the content is directly from the guide to give easier reference and I will also input my experience in the nest itself.

I am writing from a Smasher’s point of view since that’s the class I am using for the run but I would also try to include what other classes have to look out for.

I have only tried the Ship, Scorpion and Flower part and done only a total of two runs until now since the nest limit was capped and I only had two tickets to try out with my party. Most of the party members are close to full FD and have really high stats which is one of the core components you need in Desert Dragon Nest. You can go on at least 6 runs a week since their is only the nest limit of 6 for the Hell Mode level 60 nest.

Having Raidcall as a communication is better then having Skype. Since Skype usually lags me really badly at times and I don’t face any lag while using Raidcall.

For the video I have edited out the sound since I forgot that the Raidcall chat could also be picked up by the recording software so sorry for that. Till I get a fix for the sound in my software you have to make do with movie background music. :p Sorry for the low video quality too. 😦 Will work on the next few videos to make it better.

First Run

Second Run

The guide is only updated till how much my team have made it in the nest. It’s not a full guide yet but it will sort of keep updating about the progress of my team during this few weeks. So be sure to tune back every week! Subscribe to my channel too so if I am free will do some videos. 🙂

Our line up:

Two Smashers

Having two Smashers for the run is actually depending on your stats. If you have confidence that you do not need a better DPS you can bring in two Smashers as having 2 Beyond Time is really good in clearing the Ship part. Since our team managed to clear the Ship part without the Dark Knight having the chance to summon his cyclone in the second run.


If your team has smashers; more then one than always remember to know who is casting BT at the time. Assign BT 1, BT2 to your smashers.

For example in the run I was assigned BT 2 and you have to be alert at all times.

If BT fails while casting alert your party leader so he/she knows what to do in the event it fails.

Sometimes while you cast BT, you may see the skill being cast but there is no icon in the HP/MP UI bar don’t freak out since there is a limit to how many buff icons displayed when you are with a 8 man raid so take note.
Flying Ship

As usual before running the raid you have to assign the pillars that your members have to clear.

Like in the picture above you could assign the more squashy members to the top (Near the stairs, the top part of the picture) for all the sorceress in the party were assigned to the top of the ship to clear the lizard. The Paladin and Priest is good enough to kill or pair with a better geared member at the bottom when you have summoned the Dark Knight.

Snake Queen

Since our team had quite a good teamwork in the ship part for the second run it was easier to clear. Don’t really be scared of the Snake Queen since most of the time Guardian Force is cast as long as it is active. So if the Queen tail slap you find your priest to heal or stand back.

The Queen when she is summoned for the first time will usually throw the Cyclone skill which you have to dodge if not you will get trapped in it. She will summon the skill every time you finish killing the lizards. Also note that regardless of where you push the queen to, by the end of summoning the lizards and killing them she will return to the center of the ship. The Queen can also suck members to her for members that do not have Guardian Force/ Ice Barrier wrapped around them.

Remember to look at the Queen’s HP always BT only after you have summoned the Dark Knight and your paladin has done the job of provoking the Dark Knight to the bottom of the ship. DPS the queen as much as possible till she dies.

Note to Smashers/Majesties: Don’t overlap summoning the mirrors under BT even if there is only one Force User in the group as you can block the view of your members with your huge ass mirror.

If you have one or more Force User never try to summon both mirrors at once since you are wasting the debuff from the mirror. Only summon when another mirror breaks therefore having consistent mirror on the field.

When the Queen hits a x2 HP bar the Queen will summon lizards that can freeze you. Force Users can Time Stop here to buy some time. It’s recommended to ignore the lizards if the party is well geared.

Dark Knight

Always take note of when the Dark Knight will summon the red wave as it is seriously dangerous for female classes since they are more squashy.

Usually the Dark Knight will summon his black hands to grab members then cast the Roar skill and you have a chance to get knocked down or stunned. The best is to quickly roll out of his direction that he is facing or if you have Guardian Force protecting you would be the best since the bubble will block and absorb most of the damage. Try to get to his back as while he is casting the red wave skill he will be immobile for a few seconds. You can always assign a party member to time the red wave skill so your members have time to prepare to get out of the way. The red wave is cast every 40 seconds. You can either take more of your skill cool down timer or time using your phone.

Always take note once his HP is dropped to the last bar he has a chance in which he can cast the Typhoon skill which can wipe most of your paper thin members if they are hit. It’s almost 100k HP per tick so care. That was also one reason why 3 members died in the first run since we weren’t that prepared for the cyclone. So players going in for the first time have to really take note of his HP.


It’s the only part where you can heal and rest for the next few bosses. Once you defeat a boss you will go back to the Oasis and then you head off to fight another boss. You can fight the bosses in any line up but you cannot fight the Golem boss (Faithful Worshipper Kajif) until you clear the 4 bosses.

Phantom Flower Ignius

The flower stage is considered one of the most easiest bosses as long as you understand the mechanics for the flower.

Always understand how the map works and always stay behind the boss as most of the attacks the boss dealt will be taken by the paladin only. The Paladin in your party has to always grab the aggro of the flower so as to not let the boss attack the other party members. Paladins have to consistently cast Guardian Force in the stage as the Flame Geyser which is activated almost every 40 seconds. The geyser can throw unsuspecting members into the lava and kill them and Guardian Force is the only skill that can block the effect.

This skill is one you have to take note and not try to kill yourself off.

Fire Platforms
– After depleting the 1st bar of the boss HP, it will dig underground and heat up the sand in the whole area.
– You have to jump onto the nearby platforms to avoid being burnt to death.
– However, among the set of 3 platforms, ONLY ONE will be safe to be stand on. (Left most of the set, without fire)
-Shortly after that, the fire on the platform next to the safe one will be extinguished while the platform which you initially stand on will be on fire. You are required to jump to the adjacent platform immediately. Repeat this another time and you will need to get back down to the ground again when the ground is not flooded by lava.
– Take note that the burn status will cause you to fall down from the air (Similar to electrocute status)
– The area will be flooded with lava EVERY 60 seconds.

Mainstream Strategy:
– Instead of jumping onto the 1st platform, one can actually jump directly to the second platform without going up the 1st platform.
– There are 2 warning messages before the lava flood happen.
– First message is ‘Jump up to the platform’. When you see this message, go to the nearest 2nd platform and wait there for the 2nd message.
– Once the second message ‘The sand is getting hot’ appear, immediately jump onto the 2nd platform. Wait for 2 seconds then jump to the 3rd platform when you see the fire on the next platform is extinguished.

Alternative Strategy:
– Instead of jumping, one can actually Dash/Roll/Tumble/Blink across the platform.
– This will minimize the chance of one falling down due to the burn status interruption.
– However, one need to judge the Dash/Roll/Tumble/Blink distance according to your own class: Mage and Kali have very far blink distance, while Cleric has relatively short dash distance.

Once this skill is over when you get down to the boss, Priests have to use Cure Relic in case your members have been inflicted with the burn status.

Canyon Guardian Abdullah

Mechanisms/ Skills to take note of:
Flower Mechanism
Stomp Skill
Poison Prison

You can choose to either jump at the first initial stomp or step onto the ground shown in the video. Allow your paladin to activate the seal if your party is on the elevated ground. The elevated ground is the only part where it is safe when he is jumping.

Though if you are standing on the elevated ground you have to note after about 10s the scorpion will cast a Charge skill which would usually charge towards the direction your whole party is standing. So move out of the place and spread out after the Stomp skill is cast. Also note to always stand at the side and not face the scorpion as he can shoot the poison ball which can kill you immediately if you are paper thin in terms of HP. Only the Paladin should stand infront of it to get his aggro.

Never stick together as the Poison Spin skill can be cast at random players and watch out for poison pools on the floor as they can stay there for awhile and inflict poison status.

Priests have to try to cast Cure Relic in the field so as to cure the poison status your members have been afflicted with.

For Force Users BT can be cast at the first part so as to allow the party to DPS the boss.

Always take note once your party is ending one HP bar of the scorpion as the flower mechanism will appear. Make sure that no more Force Mirrors, Relics, Towers are summoned as the flowers will open at the slightest hit. Once the scorpion digs into the ground it will signify the Flower Mechanism Stage.

Assign one member to open the flowers. Always Shift your weapon and keep them. Stick closely as a party and if the Acrobat has Spirit Boost, it can be casted for the party to move faster.

This is the recommended order to open the flowers. Always take note that opening the flowers immediately doesn’t mean you can clear this mechanism. As the Poison Field is casted for a duration you can still die if the immunity of the flowers dissapear. The flower buffs you for 2 seconds.

Recommended way of opening the flowers:

System message countdown appears, hit only when the countdown hits 1 or 0 seconds. Once party is buffed with the invincibility buff move quickly to the second flower.

Second, Third, Fourth Flower:
Hit the flower when your buff timer hits 1 or 0 then move on and proceed to the third and fourth flower.

In any case you miss one flower you still can survive but you need to activate each flower only at 0 seconds to survive the Poison Field.

Priests cast Cure Relic only after the Poison Field dissapates as the relic can be wiped immediately if summoned while the field is still active. The relic is summoned just in case any members are poisoned.

Move and split out in case the scorpion digs up under you. Whenever the end of the Flower Mechanism is done the scorpion will dig up and cast a Stomp skill. Be prepared to jump then start attacking.

Freedom Dragon Nest Guide:
Ship Picture:
Oasis Picture:
Flower Stage Picture:


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