Dragon Fellowship (Dragon Expedition)

dragon fellowship

As we all know that Dragon Expedition for Dragon Nest SEA has been renamed to Dragon Fellowship which is a pretty wierd name for it. But CC loves to change the names. Oh well. It has great loots for this raid as you can get Unique grade Heraldries and much more. I have compiled most of the information that Freedom guild has put in the forums and webs into a whole chunk of page so it’s more easier to reference. 🙂

Note that the bosses that may appear is not a confirmed list but I will still update as I play the expedition.

Requirement: Level 60.
Max Players: 2
Weekly Count: 3 per week.
Entry Ticket: Mobius Strip (obtain from level 55-60 Abyss, binded)
Rewards: Unique Accessory, New Boss Skill Plate, Unique Heraldry Plate.

Limitations in the Fellowship:
– Only 3 resurrection scrolls can be used in the expedition.
– No consumption of potions is allowed.
– Your attack is nerfed in the expedition so having high end weapons will not help.

Characteristics of Dragon Expedition Dungeon
– You have only 3 rounds to complete but in each round there are a lot of random stages.
– Opportunity to confront the dragons

Synchronized Mission
– Talk to the NPC Sarasa to understand the syncronized missions for each stage
– Challenge the synchronized mission with your partner
– You can check the UI at the left to see if you have successfully synchronized with your partner.
– Your rewards will be increased if you have successfully completed the synchronized mission.

This is HalfSugar going through the 3 stages of the Dragon Fellowship.

Time Attack Stage
Clear one of the random bosses within the time.
– Bosses that may spawn.
* Twin Ogre from Cerberus Nest
* Morgon from GDN
* Octopus from Prof K Nest
* Lamia from Manticore Nest
* Mushroom Golem from Archbishop Nest
* Cube from Gigantes Nest
* Flame Ogre from Typhoon Kim Nest
* Twin Spider from GDN
* Beetle from Prof K Nest

Cooperation Stage
– There are stages which requires cooperation with your partners to pass successfully.
– The synchronized mission is carried out here.
– Bosses that may spawn.
* Gigantes Maha
* Geraint (Helper); Velskud
* Lava Golem
* White Eye Kraken from GDN
* Cerberus Nest Monster Swarm (Farmer Rhino of Typhoon Kim Nest might appear randomly as boss)

Boss Stage
– The final stage in whereby you may have the chance to meet the dragons or manticore or maybe plain old Cerberus.
– Bosses that may spawn.
* Twin Cerberus
* Twin Manticore
* Sea Dragon
* Green Dragon

Hidden Area
– There are many hidden areas in the dungeon which can be randomly activated and accessed. By doing so will also give you more rewards.
– Hidden Area Places:
* Inside of Palace – direct access to final boss; can pick the final boss you want to fight.
* Hidden Vault of Palace
* Boss Rush Area
* Underground chamber of Palace

Golden Goblin
– Golden Goblin might appear in certain stages randomly
– Defeat him to get gold.
– He will escape if you cannot defeat him within a certain time.

Title and Achievement
– There are over 50 challenge achievements and many titles to be obtained.
– Story line missions which will give you more info on the dragon expedition.

Rewards from the expedition:

Boss Skill Plates:

skill pic

Manticore Poison Sting, Sea Dragon Ice Flake

Green Dragon Poison Breath

Unique Heraldry Plates:

If you recall when inspecting someone during the pre-expedition patches you would have seen this 4 extra slots which is supposed to be the unique grade stats. Since developers must have thought up of the Dragon Jade concept and this would be the only way to compensate us for the lost in damage when the 70 cap arrives.

– There are multiple stats on these crests.
– Absolute increase in stats value, not % increase.
– 4 Major Categories: Attack type, Defense type, Stats type, Resist type
– Example:
* Physical attack + 333; Magical Attack + 166
* Physical attack + 155; Magical Attack + 311
* STR + 133; AGI + 133; INT + 179; VIT + 111

Level 60 Unique Accessories:
– Example of Unique Accessories Stats:
* Sage Antique Ring : Physical & Magical Attack +152; STR & AGI +122; INT +219; VIT +102
* Health Antique Earring: VIT + 727; INT +259
* Bear Antique Earring: STR + 865; VIT +242
* Brave Antique Necklace: STR+235; INT +211; Max HP +11989; Max MP + 11189



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